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Ketchup And Sauce
We supply varied kinds of ketchup and sauces in flavours, like chilli, mustard, tomato and more. These are appreciated by the clients for their tempting flavours and rich aroma.
Mix Jam
Enjoy sweetness of fresh fruits spread on bread or chapati during mid-meals. The jam is prepared and supplied in several flavours. You just have to dig a spoon in the bottle of jam, extract and spread it evenly on the slice of bread.
Kewra Water
Using floral waters in food and desserts has been a tradition for a long time in India. Floral water like kewra water is used for making food for special occasions, like religious events and weddings.
Vinegar is an acidic solution that is added in salad, mayo, sauces and several other fatty foods in order to improve their flavours and cut through the fattiness. Our company supplies this acidic solution to end customers through supermarkets and grocery stores.

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